Nr. 1671 Feldherrnhalle am Odeonsplatz in Muenchen Foto Vittorio Sciosia

Munich, Bavaria, Germany: Odeonplatz, the Feldherrnhalle or Field Marshal’s hall. Together with the Theatinerkirche, this building gives the Odeonplatz the appearance of an Italian Square. The Feldherrnhalle consists of a covered hall with three arches. A staircase at the central arch leads to the entrance which is flanked by two Bayern lions. The structure was designed in 1841 by Friedrich von Gärtner after the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence, Italy. On the west side of the Odeonsplatz is the copper-domed Theatinerkirche. The church was built in Italian high-baroque style after the San Andrea del Valle church in Rome and was designed by Agostino Barelli. He also led the construction of the church from 1663 to 1669. His successor, Enrico Zuccalli, finished the 71 meters/233 ft high dome in 1690 and added two towers, which originally weren’t planned.

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